Trusting Your Heart

Several years after starting the job as a foster care social worker I felt restless and wanted a change.  In the same agency I switched to doing child protective services work but in a few years restlessness settled in again.  Several positions became available in the agency and indecision ruled for a period of time.  However, this time I had a guide, a supervisor who helped me clarify my direction and I began work as the Training Specialist.  This choice had a profound impact on my career and on my beginning to recognize a dream that sat deep in my heart waiting to be seen.

There is so much I learned in that job.  Knowing all aspects of the agency was important to be able to plan.  That meant I got to know more staff members and learned to appreciate not only their work but the interconnectedness of all jobs.  The agency grew in size and training support became more and more important.

Over the years the job kept changing and expanding.  I did some training but more planning and recordkeeping as well as other duties.  When the agency got the first personal computer (yes, I am that old :-)) my attitude was to stay as far away from that as possible.  But when the director’s secretary erased her hard drive for some reason it fell to me to try to figure it out or get assistance.  At that point I decided I better learn everything I could about computers.  When I left the agency after 28 years I was in the job of Systems Coordinator responsible for managing the work of all the automated systems the agency used including working on the team to design a local agency system.  I also trained staff how to use the software.

Two important things happened as I took on the Training Specialist role.  I learned that reaching out to someone I respected to help me clarify my thoughts and feelings around decision making was more beneficial than anything I imagined.  And I learned the joy of making a decision based on intuition or heart rather than on fear.  This lesson continued as my job changed over time.

Reflect on important choices you made in your life and/or career.  Do you recognize times you made them from the heart or out of some other place such as fear?  Can you love the human that at least made a choice and learned something through the experience?


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