So Much More

During my college years I always spent time with my family during the summer. One summer evening my mother asked me to accompany her to a tent revival with Oral Roberts. My initial reaction was that the world had gone mad! My mother was a Presbyterian (I later understood she was not a Presbyterian but attended a Presbyterian church) for heaven’s sake and was going to see this healer who the media portrayed as a con man preying on others. But because I knew my mother was truly interested in learning more I agreed to go with her. This was a time in her life when her views were shifting also.

As often happens with drama there is also comedy. As we walked to the tent over a grass field I stepped in a hole and slightly twisted my ankle. I jokingly said something about at least I was in a place where I could be healed and we both laughed.

I do not remember a lot of the details of that night. But I remember the brilliant light and energy in that place and in that man. I was awed by the strangeness of lots of praising and what I saw as excessive jumping up and down. However, here was a clear picture of God, Creator, the Divine using a human to channel healing energy. It does not matter to me what has been said about Oral Roberts over the years. I know one of his gifts was the ability to heal. That night I was clearly shown what Jesus meant when he told us we could do all he did and more. This may be one of the first times the divine in me responded to itself.

This experience settled in the back of my mind and heart, but it was a part of something pushing me to begin an inquiry into who and what I am, and that push still exists today. Have you had experiences that brought quiet or loud “AHA!” moments in understanding what and who you are? Were they bizarre or ordinary? Did they arise from a situation initially filled with doubt or skepticism? How did the experience influence you?


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