Those of you who have been following this blog may remember that reading is a large part of my life and has been since childhood.  After the divorce teachers began to come into my life through books.  First Wayne Dyer showed up (oh we were both so young)!  I can remember my ego rearing up in reaction to the very idea that I was responsible for my reactions and even my life.  But I devoured each new book as something within me began to respond and on an intellectual level I began to accept that much of what he said made sense.  Over the years Wayne Dyer has been willing to share his own spiritual human journey with us.  It is a joy to see peace and light radiate from him with a stronger presence over the passage of time.  What a gift he gave me with such a clear picture of how we have within us what is needed to transform.

The other teacher that came along about this time was Eric Butterworth an extraordinary Unity minister.  With grace, humor and practicality he guided me to a deeper level of exploring who I am.  First it was listening to tapes of talks he gave at different times.  Then his book Discover the Power Within You  was given to me.  This book is truly a gift to the world that clearly helps us understand the teachings of Jesus.  It is a book filled with love.  I began to see my spirituality differently and somewhere inside me excitement began to bubble up.  My ego jumped right in with “Oh no – you don’t have any power.  The world out there causes your fear and heartbreak and you are powerless.”  But whatever it was – Eric’s voice, his humor his down to earth style – I moved forward exploring and learning.

At this point on my path I processed most of the information I received through my intellect.  However, as I look back I can feel the stirrings of calm and hope that sat with the ever present fear of not being enough.

Are there writers or speakers that influenced your life?  What impact have they had on your path?  Do recognize exploring patterns in your own life?


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