Light in the Darkness

Close to the time Eric Butterworth came into my life another Unity minister, Sallye Taylor showed up.  Listening to her tapes was a joy.  With a wonderful sense of humor and connection she helped me laugh at myself while supporting the belief that we spiritual humans are capable of accomplishing anything!

Humor became important in this time in my life as growing unhappiness returned again with my job and probably with life in general.  My daughter was a bright spot in my life and early on became my teacher in facing conflict.  However, my feelings of being unsettled grew and although I could not pinpoint the problem then I knew something had to change.  I became more and more unhappy and made the decision to take early retirement from my job.  There is no regret about that decision as some of my greatest lessons were learned after that.  However, I do regret that in my need to “escape” I was so self absorbed that I did not let my coworkers celebrate my retirement as they desired.

I finally began to understand more what was going on when Caroline Myss landed in my life.  Through her I began to better understand the concept of archetypes and chakras.  The idea that I came here for a purpose and that many people in my life agreed to be in my life to help me resonated within (although I certainly feel some of them have gone way beyond the call of duty).  Beginning to understand the role of the shadow and the experience of “the dark night of the soul” helped me normalize many of my feelings – not necessarily approve of them all.  But there was relief in recognizing I was not alone in feeling lost and separated from myself.  Caroline Myss is an extraordinary woman who like many wonderful teachers is willing to share herself and her growth over time as a service to many.

At this point I was still responding mostly intellectually to all the knowledge and information coming my way. But my heart continued to hold what was needed like a caterpillar taking in nourishment in preparation for the big show!  I stayed way too serious but both Sallye Taylor and Caroline Myss shined light into the dark.

How has humor played a role in your growth?  Have you experienced a “dark night of the soul”?  Reflect on what helped you get through it.


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