Major Change Continues

Eventually I returned home to continue my journey back to health.  As I regained strength I began reading and studying again.  I also returned to church and eventually made the decision to join.  Almost three years had passed and I needed “desperately” to find a job.  I was led to take a class being offered at church called “4T Prosperity”.  It was developed by Stretton Smith as a prosperity and commitment to change class based on the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Part of the focus is on changing your thoughts to change your life.  I believe you have to go through this class to understand its power.

A crucial part of this course is a master mind type prayer group which provides ongoing prayer and support for an aspect of prosperity for which each member requests help.  The class was large enough to have several prayer groups and the folks in my group were wonderful.  I started the class in around the January-February timeframe.  My focus was on finding a job.  Each week we would lovingly look in each other’s eyes and state the positive thoughts we held in prayer for each member of the group.  For the introverted, group shy person that I was it was an emotional experience requiring risk taking on my part.  Gratitude overflowed.

Another aspect of the course is a commitment to tithing a minimum of 10% of your income for the duration of the course 12 weeks. Well I hemmed and hawed and moaned and did the no one is going to tell me what to do dance.  But the pull to take the class was stronger than my objections so I made the commitment.  I was totally amazed that I did not face poverty and everything I needed was provided.  But even more amazing was the joy I felt in giving.  I still tithe grateful to the Universe for the abundance it provides while understanding it is just a part of my giving that I came here to do.

The class ended and I did not have a job.  I was disappointed but stayed open to the possibility and worked to focus on positive thoughts.  Whew!  That was not always easy.  But lo and behold a couple months after the class ended, someone where I previously worked contacted me to ask me to be part of a special project to develop and train a refresher course on the child welfare automation system.  Best of all it was a job that for the most part was to be done at home. Initially I hesitated to get into that environment again and then I wondered if the Universe had a sense of humor putting me back where I never thought I would ever work again.  Eventually I danced around my kitchen joyously in gratitude.

This course helped me regain a belief in myself, reminded me who I truly was and gave me another opportunity to connect in a group and thrive from the experience. It helped me increase my patience quotient as well as providing a way to share my compassion with others which is part of my purpose.

Do you see opportunities that God, the Universe has provided to meet a need you have been asking to be met?  What areas of your life are not prosperous and what next step are you being pushed to take? What are your risk and patience quotients?


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