Dreaming and Stretching

At almost the same time I finished the 4T class Mary Manin Morrissey came to my church to preach and lead a workshop.  As a result of that I began her Life Mastery Course.  It was several months long with much exploring.  Many things I learned in Stretton Smith’s class were reinforced such as there is a time for silence and a time for doing (the “doing” can really hang you up if you are afraid of failing).  But the greatest gift was clarifying and supporting a dream I had for years but belittled as unrealistic and selfish.  Recognition dawned that dreams and desires often come from the heart and are worthy.  I also realized I must be willing to take action to fulfill my dream and that initially that action may be seem small but may unleash huge energy.

Toward the end of the class I became tired and somewhat bored.  I realized that I spent about six months studying, concentrating on homework and growing and I was tired.  Recognizing that was important and helped me understand that for me there is a time for studying and then I must have a break to practice and rest.  Part of the overdoing may be that human thirst we have to figure it all out now and have every dream fulfilled now!

Shortly after the Life Mastery class one of the “practice” opportunities given to me came through church.  I will set the stage by saying I rarely entertain in my home and am not comfortable as a hostess.  However, for some reason the minister decided I needed to talk with the person in charge of the Fellowship time after the Sunday morning services, and she brought us together.  All of a sudden I was purchasing food, getting and working with volunteers and setting everything up on Sundays.  I was a nervous wreck and then one day I realized what a joy it was and how much I enjoyed mingling with folks during the fellowship time.  The Universe must have been laughing again.J  The encouragement and appreciation of the person who worked with me led me to begin to appreciate myself and to see again how I thrived in connecting with others.

Do you accept your dreams as worthy?  What action have you taken to move toward your dreams?  What opportunities have you had to stretch beyond your comfort zone?  Reflect on the impact in your life.


One thought on “Dreaming and Stretching

  1. I love your questions. The part of the cycle of creation that most forget before plowing right into the next new cycle is Appreciation, the need to celebrate, rest and appreciate all that went into the accomplishment. I wouldn’t describe my dreams as worthy as much as doable. The anchor in as very big…. big, big, global big… and my mind says, “yeah right, I’m going to do that.” Then I take a deep breath, and say, “okay spirit, bring it to me.” And then I watch and wait as the very next step reveals itself. Before you know it, there I am! Loving it.

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