No Turning Back

The Universe sent another teacher during this same time period.  It was as though creation was saying “Get with it! I am sending you all the help you need”.  And so a modern mystic walked into my life and my journey home took on warp speed. Diadra Price is a gloriously feminine light filled with love.  I cannot even remember the words of her message in church the first time I heard her but something lit a spark in me that smoldered for a while. Then I read her book Grace Awakening Essence and realized there was no turning back.  God clearly was saying to me there is no more time for dawdling.  The message “You are being provided with what you need, now move on it!” was quite loud.

Almost a year after finishing 4T, I participated in a retreat with Diadra.  It was a small group of about twelve people including the three teachers.  Through various types of sessions I began to see clearly who I am and to directly experience an open heart.  The voice of God was heard through each person.  Some important things happened for me.  I felt protected enough to truly feel and connect with each participant.  Two of the teachers used the word “precious” in speaking about me which seemed to open my heart wider.  And there I came to see that I AM THE WILL OF GOD.  What a glorious recognition!  God willed me into being and sent me here for a reason (it would be later that I began to understand that reason).  There is no better statement of God’s love for me.

The retreat also continued support for my dream of living at the ocean as well as reminding me that I am enough.  During this experience not only was I supported in every way but for the first time I began to see the beauty in myself.  One morning after returning home I looked in the mirror and saw the face of God and love poured out for this human looking back at me.

This experience did not end all the drama, confusion and dissatisfaction in my human life, but I clearly spiraled up in consciousness.  Truly recognizing my source and accepting that help is always with me caused a shift that truly meant there was no way I could go back to the old way and survive.  Since then when I hit rough spots help arrives and I am not allowed to wallow long in the dramaJ  Gratitude pours forth to my higher self, angels and the Universe for the constant love provided to humanity, the earth and me.

What is your reaction to being called “precious”?  Do you believe you are on earth at this time for a reason?  If you do what does that mean for you?  If you have doubts what are they?  What are some ways the Universe supports you?  Is daily gratitude a practice for you?


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