Remembering: Gaining Clarity of Purpose

The last few blogs as well as this one and probably more that will follow cover part of my journey that occurred over a two to three year time span that was packed with teachers and insights.  As my heart continued to open the Universe filled it up!  Shortly after I first met Diadra I met Carol Fitzpatrick.  She came to our church one Thursday night to speak as part of a summer series.  Carol is a wondrous woman who is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient.  She is a clear reflection of light and love.  Her book A Call to Remember is subtitled “Follow Your Heart, Change the World” and that is what she is living.  Links to her websites are on this blog.

Carol and her husband Mark Torgeson (an astounding musician and healer) came into my life to show me how to put in practice much of what I learned from Diadra and others in an energetic way.  I knew this woman was important the first time I saw her but some time passed before I dived into the learning.  To be honest the first time I attended a Living the Miracle session I was totally overwhelmed and thought I had shifted to a parallel universe.  Oh, I had no trouble believing Carol was channeling unseen guides as I instinctively knew there is much unseen in our world.  However, I could not imagine why I was there.  Here were folks practicing connecting the light being each was by looking directly into another’s eyes and seeing the light and love at the core.  They know they are here to help humanity and the earth ascend to the next level of existence.  My human reaction was Whoa!!!  This is just too strange and even with all my heart opening I could not see what I had to offer.  Also, I knew if I stayed involved I must relax, lighten up and be willing to release the purity of love that I am.  It also meant more connecting.  Today these meetings are so natural I find it hard to believe I ever hesitated.  I am now so comfortable recognizing the guides and angels here to help us and welcome the connection with others of like mind.  Most of all I see the importance of my serving this group.

 I attended a workshop series of Carol’s when I was ready to study again entitled Intuition and the Art of Manifestation.  It was through that class that I began to see the true meaning of the many events in my life.  What I knew in my heart became clear.  I am here to teach in many ways and now the time is here for me to do it more formally as in this blog.

I am in awe of how each experience and each teacher prepared me for that recognition.  Joy soars!  In addition I more fully enjoy being human and all the wonder it brings me.  My five senses are alive to the beauty and mystery of a natural world that is brighter and more loving than I ever imagined.  The connection often brings tears of gratitude over something as seemingly simple as beautiful cloud formations.


Do you recognize the gifts you came in the world to share?  Do you see life events that helped prepare you to serve?  How do you practice your presence? How does your spirituality inform your humanity?


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