My heart is now open wide and I know I am here to serve.  Because I am human I am aware I must be vigilant and recognize when ego’s fear is sending me down a path I no longer need or want to travel.  However, I would not trade the human experience for anything:  embracing the beauty of this earth, experiencing the love of family and friends, feeling the warmth of a hug, knowing laughter and tears.  Opening to my higher spiritual self has elevated the human experience beyond belief.

I still have moments of doubt, moments of wanting what I want right now.  There are moments when I am overcome by sadness about what humanity does to the earth and about the meanness, hatred and lying that goes on all around the world.  Blessedly those times of wanting what I want are not as frequent nor do they last for years as in the past.  For the most part when sadness drops in I am able to go into the stillness and let it move through.  I also recognize that each teacher that comes into my life comes at exactly the right time.  Grace flows through it all.  When I am ready the teacher shows up and something within me responds and moves forward.  Now that does not mean I have not ignored the gift at times saying no that is not for me I have other things to do.  But always when the seed is planted I eventually pick up a book, listen to a CD or take a class and am propelled to the next phase on my path.  Also, when those teachers who are family, friends or irritants show up in some relationship I begin to see the truth that they all bring lessons in my life that add to my sometimes gentle sometimes not so gentle exploration of myself.

Vigilance is important but so is having at least one person who will help you see clearly.  Someone who lovingly assists you to keep you heart in focus.  My mentor has challenged me to explore my heart, to listen and to act-to take the next step.  She gently reminds me when the two year old in me takes over.  And there are times when I am actually amused at that lovable two year old.   When I remember choice from my heart I am able to focus on the peace and joy that are at my core.  The energy of peace that I am shines through.

So the somewhat chronological flow of parts of my journey ends in this blog post for now.  From this point on I will deal with topics as I am led to write about them.  If there is something you want me to cover please let me know. Let’s get ready to embrace more heart opening.


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