Choice From Feeling

In this time of the beginning new year I have mulled over what to blog about next.  For a month or more the word “choice” keeps popping up and I keep ignoring it.  One excuse has been that so many folks are writing and speaking about choice what additionally can I have to say.  But the word will not go away so here is the beginning of my exploring “Choice”.

Our days are filled with choices and decisions that are small, medium and large as well as easy and hard.  We make a choice to get out of bed in the morning; we choose what we will eat, what we will wear and on and on throughout the day.  Some are easy and we do not even think about them as choices.  Others take time, consideration and sometimes pain and/or joy are involved.   Some of us make decisions quickly without hesitation even when there is a difficult choice involved.  Others take time considering all sides trying to ensure the “right” choice is made.

Those of you who have been following this blog from the beginning know that I made several significant decisions out of anger and fear.  These were choices made from my emotions that took over my thinking.  Of course we use our minds to evaluate information collected to make decisions including the direction we will take on our path in life.  Some of us choose to stay moving in the same direction and others explore north ,east, south and west as they move through life here on earth.  But regardless I am coming to understand that on its own the mind can get confused as my ego (often led by survival fears) becomes involved.  It is when I go first to my heart, the core of me, asking questions and listening that my mind then freely receives critical information from Spirit. It is through feeling (not emotions) informing thinking that choices filled with joy are made.

The difference between emotion and feeling is not something that was easy for me to learn.  And it is not easy for me to put into words.  For me feeling is a knowing, a peace that washes over me when something is right.  When it is not right at a particular time the feeling of peace and joy is absent and I am often agitated.  This has taken practice, practice, practice and a willingness to accept all choices and decisions made as part of my learning.  If something does not turn out as I expect or is not the “right” choice, I consider what I learned, let it go and move on.  As I said earlier this takes practice, practice, practice for most of us.  It takes making the time to sit in relaxed silence and listen.

Our busy lives so often get in the way of our plans to set aside daily time to sit in quiet or silence.  It means developing a discipline.  I find now when I get out of sync with this my day is frequently out of sync.  The amazing part is that the  heart becomes so attached to this practice that it lets you know and often draws you into silence even if only for one or two minutes.  You begin to see that even one or two minutes can turn your around.  Without the help of mentors and friends I am not sure I would be where I am in my understanding now.  And there is so much more growing, learning and giving ahead that it is with joyous trusting that I continue on the journey.

One practice may be to try this with small choices or decisions to begin to notice the difference in a heart choice and a strictly mind choice.  I strongly recommend that you find someone who is a coach, a mentor, friend or all three who can assist you in focusing on discerning the language of your heart.  So much joy awaits you.

What choices or decisions have you made recently?  Have they been based on feeling or thinking?  Are you satisfied with your choice making process at this stage in your life?  Share where you are in this process.


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