What comes to mind when you hear or read the word “drifting”?  Take a minute and jot down your first thoughts.  Are your first responses negative such as “aimless”, “irresponsible”, “lack of direction”, etc.? Or are they positive: “staying afloat”, “exploring”, “relaxed”, “flowing” and so on.

I have been contemplating the concept of drifting as recently it popped into my thoughts as a descriptor of my life right now.  For the last few weeks it has been peaceful as well as strange.  When the word drifting came up it was not in a negative way but I wondered why that word.  The new role at work is certainly calmer and full of newness in many ways: new people, new learning, new work process and lots of other newness.  Yet there is also sameness as I work with the same automated system in a different way.  I also interact with some of the same people that I did in my old role but the relationship is altered.  There is also less: less email, less telephone calls, less toxicity, less interaction.  There is change and no change.  Is it the balance of these that brings to mind “drifting”?

The thesaurus lists the terms traveling, wandering, migrant, itinerant and nomadic as synonyms.  My first reaction when reading these was that I am not traveling anywhere or wandering.  But then the image of floating on a raft in the ocean came to mind.  As you know the ocean currents are always on the move and the waves rise and fall.  In this image I feel it all as I drift in the light of a day that is brilliant and warming.  There is rest here and awareness.  Awareness that within the “new” and the “less” there is calm.

All of the above thoughts were about my “job”.  So I began looking at other aspects of my life.  My personal life is quiet: contact with family frequently, some connection with friends and the normal day to day activities of living.  There is even a sense of drifting in my quiet times as I seem to shorten the time spent in silence.  I realize I definitely have a sense of drifting in my personal life and it has somewhat of a negative tone.  I ask myself what am I supposed to be doing and why am I just drifting along seemingly purposeless?

However, as I reflect more on this I recognize that I truly have been traveling forward.  The quote from J.R.R Tolkien comes to mind: “Not all who wander are lost.”  It is inside at my core that forward and upward movement is happening and the drifting I feel is allowing and actually supporting the integration of all the light that is coming in and all the knowing that is opening up my heart even more.  This is a process that allows me to be in the moment so that my expansion can occur.  What a blessing my life is right now!

And being human I have to ask so what’s nextJ

Have you ever had that sense of just drifting along in life?  Was it positive or negative?  Was the feeling in all parts of your life or just one aspect of it?  How do you feel about it as you reflect?



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