Music of/to/from the Heart

Those of you who follow this blog know that I was raised in a musical family although that gene passed me by to some extent (no regrets there as I now know it was not mine to do).  But I gained an incredible appreciation for music of many styles.  Music plays a prominent role in my enjoyment and celebration of life over time through radio, records, then tapes, then CD’s and now MP3.

I realize that which is music of my heart or to my heart – that which causes my heart to sing – goes way beyond the traditional musical notes.  Almost every day I play a CD that is nothing except the sounds of the ocean.  My heart responds joyfully to the music of the waves.  In the early morning as I sit in the quiet a bird greets the dawn with its song and gratitude overflows for this sound that touches my heart.  What a musical high I receive when a friend lets loose with exuberant laughter over something that is said.  My heart dances to the tune of a hug from a family member or the melody of a breeze blowing across my face.

And of course we are told there is the “music of the spheres”.  What began as a mathematical theory for the harmony in the universe (that is a simplified statement of course) has been discussed, embellished and refined for centuries.  But if you look at a night sky or a sunrise or sunset your heart and sometimes your ears respond to the music, the harmony of the movement of the planets and the stars as well the animal kingdom and all life.

I am so grateful for my sense of touch, my sight and my hearing that give me the pleasures of feeling, hearing and seeing all the music around me whether it be the ocean waves, Dolly Parton singing “Try” or the sight of a chipmunk as it scurries across my yard.  But as Helen Keller said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.  They must be felt within the heart.” Which leads me to lines from a song recorded by Wynona Judd and written by Billy Kirsch: “Sing”.

“Sing from somewhere way down deep, sing and make the angels weep

Sing and open heavens door, sing ‘til you can’t sing no more.

Sing (your songs of dark and light make your mark with all your might)

Sing (your songs of hope and fear sing the song that sent you here)

Sing your heart out.

We are all here to express the music of our heart whether that be singing, dancing, teaching, inventing, parenting, healing or whatever the music calls us to be and to do.  We are the music of the heart.

One more note.  Music is also the wave carrier of light.  To find out more about this check out musician  Mark Torgeson’s video and get a free music sample at: .

Do you hear the music of your heart? What is it?  If not are you ready to discover it?  What is the music for or to your heart at this time in your life?


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