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Time to Pause

Recently the word “pause” popped up in my consciousness as I was listening for what the universe had to share with me at that time.  Immediately I got a picture of the pause button on a remote control or on a computer screen when watching a video. And I asked for more clarification as I do not see myself as a “hurry scurry” individual.  As I began to reflect I realized that I was in deed in constant motion either with my body or mind or both.  And although I believed I was beyond the place of worrying about things I recognized I was doing that also around physical health, work and on and on.  I came to see I was keeping myself almost breathless.  It was time to break from seeking answers, raising more questions and the hectic pace of the mind.

So I agreed to pause and asked God, the Universe whatever you want to call Creation to help me see what that meant for me.  What was it that I needed right then.  In contemplation I realized that the busyness kept me from truly living in the moment and relishing it.  My mind was taking over again in its need to ensure that the physical form survived and not let others interfere with that survival.  Oh there were still moments of joy because my heart still sang from my spirit.  However, I saw that my mind was again running interference against this takeover of the heart that might threaten its survival.  Even though I know that the heart informing the mind makes me fully alive it is a partnership and sometimes gets a little lopsided.

As I slowed down the physical world began to look brighter again.  As I sat in silence and as the mind became quiet the flow of the heart filled not only my soul and body but my mind.  And what I consider wondrous things began to happen.  Everything fell in place for a trip to Maine next summer for a month.  Gifts just kept coming with work as I embraced my true purpose for being there.   I am now able to see that pause does not mean stop.  I will survive and be renewed in the process of focusing on “being” rather than “doing”.  Yes there is a time for both.  But being reminded to take a break helps us to focus on the moment which helps us hear our heart.

As with many things this takes practice and raising our awareness.  Explore whatever helps you slow down and pause.  That may be a walk in nature or sitting quietly at the ocean or in the forest-whatever calms and speaks to you.  You may want to set up an altar or quiet place in your home just for sitting in silence.  Always remember to breathe and if you are walking do it as slowly as you can.  Remember it is about the “being” the walk not the “doing”.

Do you ever feel the need to pause?  If so, what does that mean for you? How do you feel about pausing?


A Clear Day

“On a clear day
Rise and look around you
And you’ll see who you are
On a clear day

How it will astound you
That the glow of your being
Outshines every star”

And so start the lyrics to the theme song from the musical “On a Clear Day”.  Some of you may know the story of Daisy the young woman who is clairvoyant and a psychiatrist decides to study her.  It is one of my favorite movies (although not critically acclaimed) with Barbra Streisand and I highly recommend watching it if you have not as it is great fun.  But to make a long story short with hypnotism previous lives are revealed and she begins to truly appreciate who she is in this lifetime.

As that song came to mind for me (and isn’t interesting how things pop into our consciousness when they do) I realized the truth of the words as far as my journey goes and I suspect the journey of many others.  At some point we experience a dark night of the soul that finally pushes us to want joy rather than pain as we grow tired of the drama and trauma.  So we begin reading, taking classes, learning to breathe, learning to meditate, asking questions and often demanding answers.  In many ways we are still in a stage of struggle although we are learning and growing.  We feel hopeful much of the time and just know “the answer” is right around the corner.  With the next book, the next class we will know Truth.  Amazingly we also often draw the right teacher and/or experience to us at just the right time.

And then at some point an opening occurs in our heart and we get a glimpse of the beautiful soul we are. And although our ego may try to fight it we have more and more frequent glimpses.  For me there were many moments on a long journey but I do believe there was a moment, “a clear day” when I rose within myself and saw, truly saw the magnificent creature I am.  It was as though the few dark clouds left covering the sun moved on and I saw a flawless sky. Unbelievable joy and appreciation wrapped itself around me as I sang and danced and laughed.  There is still so much gratitude for all the experiences of my life that have brought me to see who I am.  It is astounding and at the same time it makes so much sense.

That does not mean I do not still have human doubts at times or never get irritated.  But what I am discovering is that those times come less often and when they do for the most part they fly through quickly and peace returns.  I walk around my house often in a semi dance or sashaying state which is someone of a hoot since I have no real sense of rhythm.  But it sure is fun!  The funny part is I am amazed at where I am now every day.  It is not something you “get used to” and treat as a habit.  It is a celebration of most days.  Gratitude flows freely.

As you walk your journey never give up.  There comes a point where you allow your soul to inform you.  When that happens you are never allowed to go back and you are given support after support even when you do not realize what is going on.  May you have many “clear days” as you travel your path.

Do your experience clear days?  If so, what is it like for you?  If not what questions do you have about the process? Are you willing to allow yourself to be joyful?