Time to Pause

Recently the word “pause” popped up in my consciousness as I was listening for what the universe had to share with me at that time.  Immediately I got a picture of the pause button on a remote control or on a computer screen when watching a video. And I asked for more clarification as I do not see myself as a “hurry scurry” individual.  As I began to reflect I realized that I was in deed in constant motion either with my body or mind or both.  And although I believed I was beyond the place of worrying about things I recognized I was doing that also around physical health, work and on and on.  I came to see I was keeping myself almost breathless.  It was time to break from seeking answers, raising more questions and the hectic pace of the mind.

So I agreed to pause and asked God, the Universe whatever you want to call Creation to help me see what that meant for me.  What was it that I needed right then.  In contemplation I realized that the busyness kept me from truly living in the moment and relishing it.  My mind was taking over again in its need to ensure that the physical form survived and not let others interfere with that survival.  Oh there were still moments of joy because my heart still sang from my spirit.  However, I saw that my mind was again running interference against this takeover of the heart that might threaten its survival.  Even though I know that the heart informing the mind makes me fully alive it is a partnership and sometimes gets a little lopsided.

As I slowed down the physical world began to look brighter again.  As I sat in silence and as the mind became quiet the flow of the heart filled not only my soul and body but my mind.  And what I consider wondrous things began to happen.  Everything fell in place for a trip to Maine next summer for a month.  Gifts just kept coming with work as I embraced my true purpose for being there.   I am now able to see that pause does not mean stop.  I will survive and be renewed in the process of focusing on “being” rather than “doing”.  Yes there is a time for both.  But being reminded to take a break helps us to focus on the moment which helps us hear our heart.

As with many things this takes practice and raising our awareness.  Explore whatever helps you slow down and pause.  That may be a walk in nature or sitting quietly at the ocean or in the forest-whatever calms and speaks to you.  You may want to set up an altar or quiet place in your home just for sitting in silence.  Always remember to breathe and if you are walking do it as slowly as you can.  Remember it is about the “being” the walk not the “doing”.

Do you ever feel the need to pause?  If so, what does that mean for you? How do you feel about pausing?


2 thoughts on “Time to Pause

  1. A “pause” for me is a break in routine where one forgets the busy-ness of everyday living. As much as I love my home, my work and my doings, it seems to be soulfully important to get away from it all and breathe somewhere else, do something different, be somehow away from the mindful way of creating. Yes, a Pause is quite appropriate for balanced existence. Thank you, Pam, for your sharing!

  2. Thanks so much for the comment. Yes, that is certainly a “pause” that I use sometimes too. After I posted this I realized that all through our journey here we are called to pause at different points and in different ways.

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