Out of Kilter??

Sometimes we feel we are out of kilter, not connected or just out of sorts and cannot pinpoint exactly what is the cause.  I had that experience over a recent weekend and gifts kept popping up to show me those feelings and thoughts generated from the mind and were not important or truth for me.  I was reminded that there was no need for me to focus my energy in that direction.  As I focused on feeling lost or just on a general malaise I was redirected over and over until finally I got it.

It started with blue hairJ  Yes; I had a vibrant blue streak put in my hair when I had it trimmed and rejoiced at how much fun and how liberating such a small act could be.  The next day I was in Virginia Beach and went to do my exercise walk (fast paced).  I was also there to see the sand sculptures that competed in the competition the previous weekend.  You really have to see them to get the full impact but some truly speak to the heart.  As I was standing admiring one a woman came up to me and said “Thank you” several times.  I know I must have looked puzzled and she said ”Thank you for the blue in your hair.  I have wanted to put purple in mine for a long time and you have inspired me to just do it.”  What a hoot, I thought.  We have no clue how many folks we may touch with one simple act.  And at that point I had a choice: to devalue the experience as silly or rejoice in making another connection.  I chose to rejoice.

However, our mind continues to want to have control.  As I continued my walk I still felt out of sorts.  Suddenly the ocean was speaking to my heart: SLOW DOWN.  Your fast pace keeps you from fully experiencing my energy, my love, my connection to you.  Yes, exercise is important to your body but that fast pace is not what you need right now.” My decision was to come back the following day and just sit and absorb it all.

As I walked to the oceanfront from my parking space the next morning I chatted with a mother pushing one child in a stroller with another one tagging along. She appeared so comfortable with her children and their excitement for what was going on around them.  As we started to cross the street she told the older child to hold onto her pocket and he did it so naturally.  Their presence was a joy.  How wonderful that these children were experiencing the gift of the beach. Later I was able to help a mother with another toddler carry her “stuff” (isn’t there always so much stuff with children) onto the beach. I know both of these interactions seem simple things but those connections made my heart leap as love and appreciation flowed forth.  They gave me the gift of remembering that seemingly simple encounters raise us up.  And parents of young children need to be surrounded in love and light since they are raising children who are playing an important part in the evolution of humankind.

The gifts were piling up I knew.  After sitting for awhile I stood by the ocean listening and breathing in the air.  So many folks were relaxing in its energy. While feeling better I left still feeling “a little off” despite recognizing the gifts in those two days. And then this morning I was reminded again to stop over thinking and trying to figure everything out.

I am reading a marvelous part of the collection from The Findhorn Garden  (written in the 1960’s!!).  It is “Part 4 Talking Trees”. If you do not know about Findhorn look it up as it is a marvelous community in Scotland. The person who wrote it served as a channel for the tree devas.  I was reading ‘The Deva of the Golden Conifer’ section.  She is speaking about how we take rain for granted as some inanimate thing. “You simply accept it as an inanimate thing, or part of a process, and you miss all the joy of the Spirit of Rain with its broad intelligence and great role in all life. That which rain could impart to mankind of oneness and of being used in the moment to change and flow with the life of the Creator could be an example for all time and beyond but you cut out all the mysteries and remain in narrow ruts.”  Whew- there it was ‘…of oneness and of being used in the moment to change and flow…’

What freedom there is in being reminded that all those connections at the beach were just part of my service for those days.  I was reminded that by thinking too much I was missing the fact that my life is moving along beautifully and I am given opportunity after opportunity to celebrate “being used in the moment to change and flow with the life of the Creator.”  May you see the gifts before you each day and celebrate. They are sent to you with unconditional love from your creator.

As you look at this day, or the past week what gifts have shown up in your life?  Did you graciously accept them or just ignore and move to the next thing?  Do you recognize the gifts you have given in the past week?


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