Begin Anew

Recently the words “begin anew” popped into my thoughts. Maybe the New Year approaching, my ending a job (again and hallelujahJ) or something else going on brought it to mind. And with the thought came the notion that there are many times in our lives when we begin anew.  My first action in exploring this was to check out the meaning of the word “anew”.  According to the Oxford Dictionary it means “…in a new or different way, typically a more positive way.”  Merriam Webster indicates one meaning is “…in a new or different form”.  So possibly the whole concept of New Year’s resolutions grew up with the idea of starting anew.  Unfortunately for many folks setting resolutions has become a game of tracking how long it is before those commitments are broken.  So I will skip any discussion of resolutions.

But before I investigate whether there are any areas in my life to begin anew it is necessary for me to look back at the past year.  WOW!!  It was a year of remembering more clearly who I am and my purpose here on earth at this time.  It was a time to see more clearly the experiences of my childhood and into my adult life that support my mission.  The past year afforded me a better understanding and appreciation for some aspects of the natural world.  2014 also saw me drop fear about some things and this freed me to follow my heart.  There is so much gratitude in that heart for the year 2014.

So as I look into the year 2015 I might be tempted to say there cannot be anything new for me to begin after last year’s wondrous time.  I can relax and just bask in the joy of it.  But I know better.  There will continue to be new opportunities to experience the Oneness and the connections to all as I live the Love I am.  I will experience some familiar things in a “new or different form.”   Although the human part of me wants to have a crystal ball view to see how the year will play out, I embrace the mystery and feel a sense of adventure.

Even though I know there really is no time and that it is our human creation to help us organize, I can see that I am beginning 2015 “…in a more positive way.”  I have begun past years down and in the doldrums but now I feel full of hope and joy.  Grace has afforded me the knowing that I am surrounded and filled with the love of the Creator and that at my core, in the stillness there is only peace.

So it is in the quiet of your heart that you must begin to see where you have come from and where you are to be going.  But you must allow that process to unfold by letting your mind’s constant chatter quiet.  Remember it takes practice and patience sometimes but always remember you are created from Love.

Margaret Wheatley recently published a beautiful memoir How Does Raven Know?  I leave you with a quote from her afterword in which she states that she hopes the book: “…invites you to see the world anew informed not by science by sacred wisdoms.” Those sacred wisdoms are within you my friends.

Things to contemplate:  As you look back on 2014 and step into 2015 are there areas in your life where you are beginning anew?  What are they?  What does “anew” mean in those situations?  Do you begin each day anew?


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