Archive | April 2015


Recently the word “arrogance “ keeps popping up in my mind, so I have been contemplating what it means to me now in my life and in a more general sense for the world.  The Merriam Webster dictionary defines arrogance as “… an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions…”  This attitude from my viewpoint is of the mind and personality not from the heart and limits our ability to truly give of all we are.

For example arrogance about one’s race, culture, gender and even country of origin prevents truly learning the value of our differences inhibiting our growth as humans. Another example where this gets us into difficulty is seen in American politics.  Belief that only one opinion or set of opinions matter leads to narrow vision and often real issues and needs are ignored.  We see this in the refusal to compromise and work together not only in Congress but in state legislatures. Healthcare, education, climate change as well as our nation’s infrastructure are real issues left hanging. Other countries experience the same political tunnel vision.

I can go on and on about the lack of true political leadership but I believe that our most arrogant behavior may be connected to our spiritual life.  It certainly seems to be a part of the various religions in the world. Many followers believe their religion or belief system is the only correct one and the only way to God.  And even those who support a religion or denomination that embraces inclusivity may find themselves with an underlying belief that their thinking is the “right way” to think or believe.. It is a little scary to see how arrogance can seep into our thinking and then our behavior.

For me arrogance often leads to my limiting God. That is so sad yet so human. One example is around the concept of meditation. I do not really “meditate” as I used to think one is supposed to do with a formal sort of structure. I could not do “it” and presumed that because of that I would never really experience the heart of me, my soul, that eternal spirit. Another area is physical health. Because I have a preconceived notion of how I am to be in the physical world including how I look, I presumed to know what was best in eating and exercise on one hand and wallowed in confusion in another. My arrogance impacted my physical well being and delayed my experiencing the silence of my heart.

However, thankfully God is persistent through unconditional love. So despite my arrogance Creation kept sending me gifts to show me the way. And lo and behold one day I heard my heart and saw and felt the beautiful creation I am, both human and light being.  Although health is often a puzzle to me I am now listening more to the knowing at my core and am working on participating in good health. I have so much I want to do to fulfill my purpose here and my body is integrally involved in that.

Many may say what I have described is not arrogance but I do not agree.  Honestly, I have a feeling I showed up in human form bringing in some arrogance.  As spirit I did not want to come into human form again and was ticked off God did not agree. Some of my life has been focused on “I’ll show you how right I am and wrong you are” to God.  I find it amusing and embarrassing in some ways but I sure made things more difficult for myself.

And that is just it. If we do not watch out for arrogance we may begin to disconnect from the heart of who we are. We then fail to step into the Oneness and the joy that is here for us.  We miss out on the true wonder of our time here on earth. We forget Love is really all there is.

Do you see arrogance showing up in your life? Is it your arrogance? If it is do you feel you need to deal with it. If so, how?