Preparation for Trip – The Physical

I am one of those people who is a list maker and I suppose it helps provide structure for me.  So for the trip to Maine I have multiple “to do” lists as well as “to take” lists. And I am embarrassed to admit that I prove the saying about the Myers-Briggs personality type “INFJ”: INFJ’s overwork work reworking it. Most of the time I can laugh at myself about it, but you probably get the picture that I am obsessing about aspects such as the best way to travel (drive or fly), what route to take if I drive (requested AAA Tripticks twice), what to pack and so on and so on. This may all be a sort of play for me or at least I am trying to convince myself of that and keep my sense of humor about it all as it can be tiring.

So the lists are made and some items can actually be checked off. I decided to drive and the car had been checked and had routine maintenance.  Thanks to those Triptiks I know the route and made reservations where I am stopping to spend the night on the way. The tour in Acadia National Park is booked as well as the B&B where I am staying in Bar Harbor. So now I can focus on the “to take” lists (yes it is more than one list).

What about the preparation of the physical body? One of my difficulties has always been truly connecting to and listening to my physical body as I preferred to live in the mind. Often we humans find it easy to ignore the communication from our physical selves (even those who pride themselves on exercising and eating right). But I know that if I do not pay attention I will not maintain a level of health that will support my play and discovery on the trip. So I am committing not only to working out but listening to what my body says it needs in the exercise arena. The most difficult part for me is eating well as I am often lazy, take short cuts and do love carbs. I am trying to focus on the foods that my body seems to need at this time and to keep my heart open. When I hear “rest” and “appreciate” I try (and the operative word here is try) to respond and follow the message. While doing just that I saw and felt my energy connection to various areas in the ocean on the East coast and on the Gulf of Mexico. Wondrous joy resulted.

I see this trip as an opportunity to be fully human which I must do to fulfill my purpose on Earth. Appreciating my list making, physical preparations and physical health are steps in that process.

Do you think preparation is necessary for big adventures? If not, why and if you do why do you think that? Are you listening to your physical body and do you respond to what you hear? Can you laugh at yourself?

The Gallery:  Just a peek at my travel map and two photos from the towns in which I will be stopping.  Now can this be anything but an interesting adventure.  These photos I got from Bing Image Search so I did not take them.  of course is my starting point in VA.  B is Highstown/East Windsor, NJ. Worcester MA and D of course is Rockland my destination..


Map to Discovery

House in Highstown/East WIndor New Jersey

House in Highstown/East WIndor New Jersey

Castle  Worcester, MA

Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse

Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse-AHHHH!!!


One thought on “Preparation for Trip – The Physical

  1. Very beautiful blog, I so identified with so many of your feelings, although you were able to express them in such a more beautiful way then I could. I love that, my daughter is also a beautiful writer, I so appreciate those wonderful qualities. I am hoping to visit Maine myself with a friend the second week in July if everything goes as planned. Carol says I need to be there, so I am going to check it out. Have a wonderful, exciting, healing, growing, beautiful and fun time, can’t wait to hear how feel at the end of your trip.
    Sincerely, Patricia

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