Preparation for the Trip – Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

Beyond the areas of physical preparation for my journey of play and discovery to Maine is assessing any preparation needed in the mental, emotional and spiritual arenas. Attending to my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies is as important as addressing the physical.  For me this seems to be letting go of any expectations that may exist in order for me to be open and be in the flow of each moment. Any remaining negative memories, feelings from the last two trips to Maine must be released.  Yes, those were wonderful trips but there were also experiences related to my belief of “not being good enough”.  Although I am not in that place anymore our minds have a tendency to want to cling to things.

I am practicing relaxation through using both music and silence to help me “feel” what I am feeling. Our emotions alert us to where our focus is whether it is joy and excitement or anger and fear. Long held anger or fear connected to our stories contracts us physically and mentally.  I am allowing any of these emotions that arise to move through me acknowledging them and reminding them that is the old and I am no longer in that place.  As you see the mind plays a part here as the emotional and mental bodies work together. For me the rising of joy lets me know the clearing is taking place.

I plan to leave my roles as mother, daughter, and sister in Virginia. Part of the reason for this trip is to find Pam or a part of Pam that has been buried for awhile.  Who am I beyond these roles and other roles such as trainer or employee or friend?  This too is another area where the mental and emotional intermix and what a fun experiment this can turn out to be. At this point I am conditioning my mind and emotions to be aware when I start to fall back into one of those roles and remember when I interact with other people or the earth that I am simply being fully Pam. And I am blessed to “see” and “feel” the angelic beings who are with me to help.  We have an agreement that when I start to contract or fall back into old patterns they stand on either side of me and gently touch my shoulders reminding me to relax and expand my heart (Yes those beings are really here with us). What a blessing that I am at this point in my life.

It is the Spirit that I am that supports it all.  In silence I am reminded that I am peace and joy at my core and that Love created me and that is who I am: a being of love and light in a human experience. I believe that as we mature as total beings – both spirit and human – the human process of mind informing heart begins to switch to the heart (the core of who we are) informing the mind. This process feeds the emotional body so that there is more joy, excitement and passion than fear and anger. It is understood that fear and anger maybe appropriate short term human emotions at times of danger or mistreatment but we begin to tell the difference.  We begin to recognize when these are stopping us from being our true selves. What Diadra Price calls “Grace Mind” is our highest consciousness in the spiritual realm and it guides us.

No, I am not totally there yet but am confident that I am moving upward.  Since I see this trip as a pilgrimage of sorts I am planning on intervening when my mind wants to whine or react negatively by reminding it that I am not there anymore and it is wasting my time. There is no need to fear the drive, leaving family, the unknown or anything else.  And believe it or not the planner that I am intends to allow plenty of time for wandering unplanned in this beautiful place much of the time. There is no doubt that in this process I will discover Maine has something for me and it is highly probable I have something to give Maine.

The gallery below is just a few more enticing pictures of part of this escapade (I just love that word).  All are from Bing Search but soon I will be including the ones I take. A week from today I will on my way.  See you in Maine!

Do you believe there are mental and emotional areas that keep you from being yourself and from enjoying life?  If so, are you working on clearing those?  What works for you?  What adventures or pilgrimages are you undertaking?


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