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The Move Part 2

I heard nothing about the sale of my home for several weeks. However, some belief within me saw it moving forward and I let my family know about the possibility. I felt a calling to Virginia Beach even after my so easily dismissing it as not the place for me to be. What a reversal in thinking. I talked with my mom about moving my things into storage for a time and living with her while I decided where I might want to settle. She was pleased with this idea but concerned about my not having “my things”. My thinking was that the biggest adjustment would be living with someone else. But what amazed me the most was the peace surrounding the decision to return to a place I really never saw myself living again after leaving for college. But there was the ocean waiting for me. In some ways it was very amusing.

After several weeks I was contacted by the realtor and an appointment set for the realtor and her client’s son to see my house. It was a pleasant experience with the son taking pictures to send to his mother. Later I was contacted about pursuing the sale and another appointment with the realtor was set. I asked my daughter to sit in since she has a background as a legal assistant. The meeting went well and at the realtors suggestion I decided to represent and complete the sale “by owner.” Before the contract was completed and signed the daughter-in-law walked through the house and agreed with her husband it was perfect for his mother.

In quick succession the contract was signed and inspection done. There were only a few things identified during the inspection that needed to be corrected and a general contractor was hired. A closing date was set that was about 4 months after the first contact. I had sold my house without putting in on the market. I found a wonderful mover and with the support of my daughter got the packing done as well as shedding “stuff” I no longer needed. For me it was all due to getting out of my own way and being willing to flow with the Universal process.

And I need to say a word about the exceptional real estate agent. From the instant we met there was a heart connection. Yes, she is a business woman and protected her client’s interests. However, she clearly saw the synchronicity of what was occurring and open about knowing there is energy and flow beyond what we see with our five senses. But I should not be surprised that I attracted that type of person to this process. I am ever grateful to her and her positive assistance.

So moving day came. The movers loaded and delivered some bedroom furniture to my daughter that I did not want to keep or put in storage (it was actually hers before she moved and got married). I spent the last night in the Richmond area at her home. It was an emotional experience to drive off the next morning but reminded myself I would only be a couple hours away. In many ways a new chapter began in both our lives.

The drive to my new city went smoothly; I met the movers at the storage facility and the unloading went smoothly also. The next day the legal assistant for the closing called to let me know it was complete and my money was to be wired the next Monday after the sale was recorded.

Part of the reason for doing these two posts is a friend commented that I just completed a major life transition and she is interested in learning how I made the move with such ease and grace. I think my first reaction was to laugh as I did not see it as a major life transition and am not sure that I do now😉. But I do agree that for the most part it definitely flowed with ease and grace. The main reason is I was willing to let my heart speak and inform my mind rather than allow the chatter of the mind to throw me off what I was feeling. Had I let my stubborn belief that I did not belong in Virginia Beach whether or not my beloved ocean was there I probably would be unhappy still trying to figure out where I am to be. What an incredible gift my parents gave me moving to Virginia Beach when I was 15 and giving me my first glimpse and connection to the marvelous ocean. Also, the fact that I was not so attached to my house made it easier to leave it. I loved it and was grateful for the peace and beauty it gave me. However, I just never really get attached to the places I live (maybe that will be different if I ever live right on the ocean). Could it be that the fact that I moved several times growing up be a positive there instead of the negative it seemed at the time. And the fact that I clearly rejoice in an opportunity to be of service to my mother adds to the grace of the process. Will I stay here forever? I do not know but celebrate the present and look forward to all the experiences waiting for me here.

Are you currently experiencing any life transitions? If so how do you describe the process? Do you have questions about a way you can flow more easily in your life? Send a comment or question if you want to get a dialogue going around any of this.