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Maine Journey – Part 3

It has been two weeks since I arrived home from the Maine vacation and it is taking time to adjust to not being there. The last two weeks of the trip flew by with a walk up Mt. Battie in Camden Hills State Park, a ferry ride to and hiking on Monhegan Island, a visit to the Belfast Cohousing and Ecovillage as well as a stroll through the Farnsworth Art Museum. And in between these trips were walks into downtown Rockland and the Breakwater.

The last weeks were filled with the continuance of grace as I was enveloped by much beauty and touched by the people I met. There were more opportunities to laugh at myself such as during the climb up Mt, Battie. As I kept stopping to catch my breath I wondered why a short mile hike could seem so long and deciding dying on the side of a small mountain in Maine wouldn’t be so bad (working out at a gym does not necessarily prepare one for steep hikes). But I made it to the top to partake of not only another beautiful view but to connect with another lovely family. They were from New York and reflected both awe at the beauty they were seeing as well as a quiet sense of peace. Of course there were also families dealing with tired whining children and whining adults complaining as their expectations were not met. All a part of the human community and our various stages of being.😉

An exhibit at the Farnsworth reminded me how extraordinary what we see as ordinary often is when we open our eyes, mind and heart. Currently there is an exhibit “Andy and Kosti” that displays works by the painter Andrew Wyeth and the photojournalist Kosti Ruohomma. These men were great friends both with a love for Maine. The exhibit features photographs by Kosti paired with paintings by Andy. A striking talent of both was to take “ordinary” subjects and help us see their extraordinary nature. This led me to think of all the many entrepreneurs in Rockland at the local bakery, coffee roasters, spa, art galleries, grocery co-op as well as clothing and gift shops. To me the risk taking, following their passions and giving to their community is beyond ordinary. I am sure at times it is highly stressful but also produces times of joy as they share their talents with us. I pray to never again look at small business owners as ordinary or fail to acknowledge their heart.

As you probably see places and people filled my heart in Maine. There was more clarity of vision and feeling I believe because I was free from my “Virginia” routine and responsibilities (whether real or perceived). That supported the ability to relax, live more in the moment and be more light hearted. So what did I discover about my self- nothing new😊. What I knew before this trip is that I am love and at my core is peace and joy. This adventure let me experience that more fully and freely especially on the feeling level. It is a gift that I now will strive to integrate more into my perception and action of daily life.

What do you see in your life that is extraordinary? Might it be you? How do you see yourself connected to both people and the Earth?


Preparation for the Trip – Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

Beyond the areas of physical preparation for my journey of play and discovery to Maine is assessing any preparation needed in the mental, emotional and spiritual arenas. Attending to my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies is as important as addressing the physical.  For me this seems to be letting go of any expectations that may exist in order for me to be open and be in the flow of each moment. Any remaining negative memories, feelings from the last two trips to Maine must be released.  Yes, those were wonderful trips but there were also experiences related to my belief of “not being good enough”.  Although I am not in that place anymore our minds have a tendency to want to cling to things.

I am practicing relaxation through using both music and silence to help me “feel” what I am feeling. Our emotions alert us to where our focus is whether it is joy and excitement or anger and fear. Long held anger or fear connected to our stories contracts us physically and mentally.  I am allowing any of these emotions that arise to move through me acknowledging them and reminding them that is the old and I am no longer in that place.  As you see the mind plays a part here as the emotional and mental bodies work together. For me the rising of joy lets me know the clearing is taking place.

I plan to leave my roles as mother, daughter, and sister in Virginia. Part of the reason for this trip is to find Pam or a part of Pam that has been buried for awhile.  Who am I beyond these roles and other roles such as trainer or employee or friend?  This too is another area where the mental and emotional intermix and what a fun experiment this can turn out to be. At this point I am conditioning my mind and emotions to be aware when I start to fall back into one of those roles and remember when I interact with other people or the earth that I am simply being fully Pam. And I am blessed to “see” and “feel” the angelic beings who are with me to help.  We have an agreement that when I start to contract or fall back into old patterns they stand on either side of me and gently touch my shoulders reminding me to relax and expand my heart (Yes those beings are really here with us). What a blessing that I am at this point in my life.

It is the Spirit that I am that supports it all.  In silence I am reminded that I am peace and joy at my core and that Love created me and that is who I am: a being of love and light in a human experience. I believe that as we mature as total beings – both spirit and human – the human process of mind informing heart begins to switch to the heart (the core of who we are) informing the mind. This process feeds the emotional body so that there is more joy, excitement and passion than fear and anger. It is understood that fear and anger maybe appropriate short term human emotions at times of danger or mistreatment but we begin to tell the difference.  We begin to recognize when these are stopping us from being our true selves. What Diadra Price calls “Grace Mind” is our highest consciousness in the spiritual realm and it guides us.

No, I am not totally there yet but am confident that I am moving upward.  Since I see this trip as a pilgrimage of sorts I am planning on intervening when my mind wants to whine or react negatively by reminding it that I am not there anymore and it is wasting my time. There is no need to fear the drive, leaving family, the unknown or anything else.  And believe it or not the planner that I am intends to allow plenty of time for wandering unplanned in this beautiful place much of the time. There is no doubt that in this process I will discover Maine has something for me and it is highly probable I have something to give Maine.

The gallery below is just a few more enticing pictures of part of this escapade (I just love that word).  All are from Bing Search but soon I will be including the ones I take. A week from today I will on my way.  See you in Maine!

Do you believe there are mental and emotional areas that keep you from being yourself and from enjoying life?  If so, are you working on clearing those?  What works for you?  What adventures or pilgrimages are you undertaking?

Maine: A Journey of Play and Discovery

Many years ago a dear friend introduced me to the beauty of Maine. Almost from the moment we entered the state I fell in love with it! Two visits were made over a few years, and my connection with it remains strong. Strange how a place can so capture us and I believe, at least for me, the attraction to that State is an energetic heart connection. In the time that has passed since my last visit (more than 10 years ago I think) I have stayed in touch through Down East magazine (subtitled “ the magazine of Maine) and through friends who have a home on the water there where they spend the summer with their two dogs and two cats.

A year ago I began to clearly see and feel that Maine is a part of my journey that is not complete. Last summer I kept getting prompts from my heart that it was time to return. I made a decision to spend a month there in 2015 and things began to fall into place. I was led to a lovely old house in Rockland across the street from the bay and rented it even though the time was a year away. It is a wonderful place to be based to visit places on the coast including Acadia National Park as well as enjoy the energy of Rockland itself.

Much of my life I spent hiding who I truly am in an effort to fit in or to experience what I thought was fitting in. During that time of hiding there were periods of rebellion which often caused hurt or confusion and led to my missing so much of who I am. But in the last few years that has changed. Even though in the past there were wonderful, joyful experiences what I feel now is a depth of joy and peace beyond description. However, I am a light being having a human experience so there is always more to learn and more progress to be made. Life on this planet is difficult now in so many ways. Truly being who I came here to be is necessary if I am to fulfill my purpose for being here.

A year has almost passed since I made the decision to visit Maine. Life marches on and during that time I retired again and being human there is always trauma and drama in my personal life and family life. Humanity struggles with violence and hatred. The earth continues to try to adjust to its new rotational frequency as well as to all the suffering it has incurred due to our human thoughtlessness and greed.  But under it all a consciousness of light and peace is getting stronger and stronger as humanity chooses to evolve to a higher level.

And here I am poised to begin a new part of my journey: an adventure with many levels, layers and surprises. First I will connect to the beloved ocean in a truly different way with the breathtaking scenery of a rocky coast where often mountains (or hills) and ocean meet. I have found that each state I visit has a different t energetic feel and Maine is very different than Virginia. It is hard for me to describe but maybe as I move though the trip and connect with both those who live there and visitors I can begin to describe what it truly means for me.

imageAn important aspect of the trip to Maine is experiencing me in an environment where I have no need to take on any expected role. It is a place to open my heart and experience myself without expectations of family or friends. It is a time to play and explore.  In a way it is a part of a pilgrimage to Pam. Who will I discover? I plan to share my experiences and thoughts during the trip which begins in the middle of July. Please let me know if there is something specific you want me to comment about or to discuss. Maybe I will be able to include some pictures.

Have there been pilgrimages in your life? When did these occur and what did you learn? What wonderful places on this beautiful earth played a part in any pilgrimage or learning? Do you feel connected to the earth and if so, in what ways?